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    Jim's opened it's doors in 1958 to serve the city of Prattville, Alabama and the tri-county area.  We are the oldest business in Prattville that is operated by the original owners.  We have dedicated ourselves to serving this area with some of the finest and best quality food available.

    Every aspect of Jim's reflects the tradition of the South.  From our Southern Cooking to our Southern Hospitality, you will know you are in the South.  Look around and you'll find friendly wait staff and friendly customers eager to make your dining experience one to remember.

    Family owned and family friendly.  From the start, we have tried to convey to our customers the beauty and fun of this Sounthern country through many of it's cultural aspects and most of all through it's fabulous food.

    Our customers are our first priority.  Each customer is a unique opportunity to provide outstanding service.  We pride ourselves in a great staff of friendly and attentive servers.

Our hours of operation are 7a.m. to 3 p.m seven days a week.