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Montgomery Living Magazine

    Anything and everything the kitchen creates is tempting.  The smells of savory gravy, omelets, homemade biscuits and more swirling in the air play on your nostrils like an olfactory orchestra.

Alabama's Food and Wine Trail:

    If you're looking for Alabama restaurants with a side order of history, visit
Jim's in Prattville

The Year of Alabama Food:

    100 Dishes To Eat in Alabama Before You Die.....Prattville, Home-style cooking at Jim's Restaurant

Montgomery Advertiser Readers' Choice 2012, 2013, 2014

Best Homestyle Cooking

Montgomery Advertiser:
    3 1/2 Forks
    Breakfast from Jim's just can't be beaten.  The fried chicken was crispy brown, but still tender and juicy.  The friendly waitresses are quick to ask "do you need more tea, Hon and what else can I get for you, Hon"  We like the familiarity and we'll be back for more.

The Historical News:

    This well known restaurant is known in this area as the finest restaurant to obtain a delicious meal prepared exactly the way you want it and served with all the trimmings.